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As an emerging hub for international trade Ghana relies heavily on the import and export of goods.  As such it is crucial to establish a risk mitigation mechanism for businesses engaged in cross-border trade by covering potential losses arising from maritime perils to ensure the continuity and competitiveness of Ghana’s trade activities.  
Maritime Insurance is the earliest well-developed kind of Insurance and it occupies an important position in international trade. All stakeholders who are engaged in shipping constantly incur considerable risks. The Ship owner may lose his ship, or he may become liable to pay damages to another vessel or Cargo owner. Cargo owners may suffer loss or damages to their properties and Charterers may therefore have to compensate Ship and Cargo owners. Clearly, such damages may cripple a whole undertaking and it is therefore necessary to insure against the consequences of marine perils.

With Ghana’s economy intricately linked to maritime activities, including shipping, trade, and fishing, marine Insurance would play a pivotal role in contributing significantly to the growth and resilience of this Sector.  
In view of the above, Ghana Insurance College (GIC) in collaboration with its mentor institution Malta International Training Centre (MITC) is organizing a four (4) day training on Marine