I.I.T.C Building, National Insurance Commission, Independence Ave. PMB CT 23, Cantonments (0302) 240642 / (0244) 523309


Founding of the College

In line with the objective of contributing more meaningfully towards the advancement of the insurance profession in Ghana and in the industry, the principal stakeholders engaged in the practice of the profession, namely, National Insurance Commission (NIC), Ghana Insurers Association (GIA), Ghana Insurance Brokers Association (GIBA), Insurance Institute (IIG), founded the Ghana Insurance College in 2006.


The Mission of the College is to educate, train, develop and mentor insurance professionals to excel in the practice of the insurance profession.


The vision of the college is to establish a center of excellence for the advancement of best practice and employ professional competence within the insurance industry in Ghana and the West African sub-region.


The key objectives for the establishment of the Ghana Insurance College are as follows:

To provide education and training in insurance and allied subjects to identifiable persons and groups involved in the insurance and other sectors of the commercial and financial services industry. The College will target patrons from Ghana and other African countries, particularly those from the West African sub-region.

To promote efficiency and good practice among the practitioners of the Ghanaian insurance industry

To carry out research and disseminate valuable data and information as required by insurance practitioners, students and other interested individuals and organizations.

To establish and maintain a library that would assist insurance practitioners, students and other interested individuals update their knowledge about the practice of insurance.

Promote the activities of the Insurance Institute of Ghana and assist the Institute to attain autonomy in the certification of Insurance professionals in Ghana.

In order to achieve the objective of assisting practitioners to adhere to best practice and the ethics of the insurance profession, the College intends to develop a distinctive training model that integrates the theory and practice of insurance. The College will also collaborate with other leading Insurance Institutes elsewhere in the world to develop training models.